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About us Gradmode our story

Gradmode is a team of educationists and business consultants with over a decade of experience in helping undergraduate / postgraduate students and entry level professionals improve their understanding of theoretical concepts and established frameworks of business management and analysis.

Our specialty is in the fields of Business, Strategy Planning, Marketing, Operations and Human Resource Management.

If you’ve got managerial ambitions, it is absolutely critical that you develop a better understanding of business concepts in these areas. Often, you would need to draw upon well-established concepts in these fields in order to better articulate your ideas to your colleagues, peers and superiors.

We’re here to help you with that. We break down complex theories and make it easier to grasp and rationalize. This enables our clients to translate book knowledge and theory into practical contexts in the real world.

In the past, we worked with clients on a one-to-one basis. Our experience ranges from guiding graduate-level students achieve better grades and get started with their professional career more easily, to improving the job hunting efforts and and career advance prospects for junior professionals.

To help a wider audience, we’ve set up this platform as an extensive repository of knowledge and resources open to anyone.